Who is your Bestfriend?

it's one of sponge bob episodes i watched in tv few days ago, he was having fun with sandy in the beach, everything was so fun until someone called larry came to them and ask sandy to lift some weight. well,, at that time sponge bob feel that this in going to be a disaster coz he know how sucks he is in weight lifting.

while sponge bob sees sandy weight lifting and also seeing larry weight lifting he wanted to show to other people that he can do that either, he lift a twig that was laying on the beach and this is the face of everyone (-_-) then sandy and larry lift a heavier weight than before, seeing that sponge bob took 2 pieces of marshmallow and lift it with the twig with all his power. until he ripped his pants.

from that time everyone laugh at him because he ripped his pants. as everyone laugh at him he felt that he get everyone's attention and that makes him happy, he kept on making fun on himself by ripping his own pants to get everyone's attention until sandy left him because he's overreacting in making fun of himself.

at that time he feel that he's alone and lonely coz his bestfriend left him, he feel that larry is better than him that's why sandy left him. and he feel that he is the biggest loser in the beach.. until he met other people that got a sun burn, sand on buns and buried then forgotten.

in the end of the movie after sponge bob sing a song sandy is back to him and said that
"u don't have to do anything stupid to be my friend, just be yourself sponge bob"

guys. maybe we felt that we're all alone in this world, wether it's our friend that left us, of family or anyone.. just remember one thing that God never leaves us
and he loves us the way we are... it's just that He doesn't want us to be just who we are. He wanted us to be like Jesus^^


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