The fact about our dad

Many people that are far away from their parents miss their mom rather than their dad.. why??

maybe your mom always asked you on how you are
but do you know that your dad told your mom to do it?

maybe your mom always tells you stories or even listen to yours
but do you know if your dad always ask about you to your mom when he got home from work with his tired body?


Dad taught you how to ride a bike, after he thinks that you can do it he took off the helping wheels from your bike, your mom close her eyes because he's afraif you will fall and hurt. but your dad is looking at you because he believe that you can do it

when you're crying to get a new toys, mom is looking at you with her sad eyes but dad said it clearly "We buy it later, but not now" because he doesn't want you to be sissy because you always get what you want


you're starting to ask to get out at night. dad is more clear in saying "No" to you to keep you because you are something precious. you get into your room and slam the door. but the one that knocks the door is your mom.
but do you know that your dad closes his eyes and hold himself because he want to let you get what you want but again he has to take care of you

when a boy is starting to came often looking for you, dad will put the most coolest face in the world and sometimes listens or take a peek on what you are doing.
do you know that he is jealous?

and when he give you breaks in his rules and you broke the rule. he sit in the living room waiting for you full of worries. that worried faces became hard as he sees you coming home too late. he is angry. because what he is afraid happens
you are getting farther

when dad is forcing you to become a doctor, just know that he is only thinking about the best for you. but he still smiles for what you choose to get although you wanted to be a writer.

at the time when dad has to let you go in the airport. his body is too hard to hug you. he can only smile and gives you a lot of advice about things. he wanted to cry like your mom that cries and hug you tightly. but he only clear his tears from his eyes and tap your back while saying "Take a good care of yourself". so you will be strong to go.

when you need money to pay for your semester and your life, the first person that writs his forehead is your dad, working hard looking for a way so that his child will feel the same like others

when what you ask for is not new toys anymore, and he knows that he can't give it. he really want to say "yes, we will buy it later^^" but what came out is "i can't".
do you know that he feel that he failed in making his daughter/son smiles?

sometimes dad is too worried that makes him say thing too loud and said "I Told you not to drink cold water!!", different with mom that take cares of you softly.
that is the time he is really really worried about you

and when you finally graduated as a bachelor, dad is the first person to stand up and proudly gives you applause. he proudly smiles to see "His little child finally grew up and became someone that is not sissy"

until a partner of your life came and ask you for his blessing to take you from him. dad will be very careful to give blessing because he knows that then person will be someone that replaces him

and when dad saw you sitting on the wedding stage with the special person that he thinks deserve to replace him. dad went to backstage and cried.. "my task is done nicely, my cute child finally became a grew up person"

dad can only wait for you to come with his grandson/granddaughter. with his hair that is getting white and body that are not strong again to keep you away from danger

dad is a person that has to look strong even when he is not strong enough to not cry. have to be strict even when he wanted to give you everything. dad is also the first to say "you can do it" because he believe in you

smile and be grateful when you feel his love until his task is finished. you are one of the lucky person because dad is a great superhero!


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