Love - Dad

a story of an only child of a couple

the boy is really loved by his parents because he is the only child in that family, what ever the boy wanted to have, his parents always work hard so they can give what the boy want to have.
at the time when the boy graduated the boy wishes that his parents will give him a sport car that he always want to get. he was so happy and imagining what will he do with the car and what his girlfriend might think about his new car. after the graduation he came to his parents. hugged them and his dad gave him a present. wrapped up nicely. the boy happily open the present but after he opened it he was very disappointed, because he thinks that his dad will give him the car he want. but what he got was a bible with black cover and gold writing.

the boy throw away the bible in front of his own dad and in front of everyone in that building. he ran with anger because he feel so disappointed. his dad took back the bible, clean it up and tears are falling from his eyes..

the boy and his dad never talk after that incident. the boy became a very successful
he has a big house, a pretty wife and nice car. until one day a letter came to his house saying that his father died. he was told to come to his dad's house and take care of it..

the boy went to his dad's house.. he looked around until he finally went to the garage. in the garage there's a car that is covered with car rain coat, he opened it and at that time he was shocked. his feet trembled and shaking. it was the car that he wanted to have when he was graduated. the door was not locked.. he opened the door and found the bible on the dashboard. he opened the bible and found his Photo with his dad when he was still young.. he open all the pages until a key suddenly fall down from the bible.. it was the key of the car..

he took the key.. and went into the driver's seat. he still cant accept the fact about what happening at that time. when he sat on the driver's seat. he plug in the key and tried to turn on the car... and the car was on..

he looked at the dashboard again and found the car license and the payment bill. it was 3 days before he graduated.. with the car still on he cried in shock and also in sorry to his dad for what he did all this time.. he can only cry and say sorry.
it was too late because his dad is already die..

do what you can do today to everyone before you regret it..
God Bless you all^^


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