God Loves you the way you are..

Okay.. back to wayne moesa notes in Sponge Bob Square Pants Inpiring life Ep2 hehehe..
How r u guys? i hope u're all fine well before i share something i got. i wanna to ask a few question to everyone that is reading this notes

1. have u ever feel that you aren't pretty or handsome?
2. do you feel that there's something missing in you?
3. do you wanna be like somebody else?

if from all 3 question above you got all yes answer then this reading will be great for you^^
well enjoy the story

one day sponge bob was trying to be as strong as sandy, he wanted to get so much muscle so he can make people like him or that he can show off his big muscle. he's imagining how beautiful the world will be when he got all big muscle in his body..
so he ask sandy to train him so he can get big muscle and become as strong as sandy.
but. the training that was given by sandy was too hard for Sponge Bob because he is just a sponge, the training wasn't helping at all but just making sponge bob body broken.

so after all that hard training Sponge Bob had he gave up. he doesn't want to do anymore training sandy ask. until he watch an advertisement that said you could get big muscle by having fake muscle, without any hesitation sponge bob buy that thing and showing off his fake muscle to everybody in bikini bottom, even everyone gave him a nick name it's Muscle Bob.

the first problem came when someone ask him how to get all that muscle. sponge bob made up a way and everyone believes in him except sandy. the next problem came when sandy ask sponge bob to join anchor throwing contest, since sponge bob is just using a fake muscle there's no way he can lift the anchor. but sandy made sponge bob sign in for the contest
at first sponge bob was trying so hard so he can throw the anchor, but it's just no use coz the muscle is fake. well as everyone knows sponge bob can't do a thing and because he lied to sandy that made sandy mad.

guys, maybe right now u feel that there's something missing in you, maybe u feel that u're to skinny or u're too fat or anything like that.. many ads in the TV makes us feel that we have to be like the people in the TV. perfect skin, white, no acne, smooth, slim or whatever it is..

one thing for sure. God created us as an image of God.
so what we had right now? believe it that it's the best that God has given for us^^
Give Thanks and stop blaming conditions coz that won't change anything until u finally Give Thank to He who created you. the best creation of all time^^

God Bless you.. i hope you share what u get from this notes^^


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