Boomerang is a tool from Australia used to hunt down prey.
if the weapon hits its target the target will be down
but if the weapon miss it will return to the one that throws it.
if the hunter knows how to catch it it will be fine. but if he doesn't he will be done hehe..

why did i wrote Mouth-Meraang? because what we say in our life. it will become a weapon that turns into a boomerang. u use it wisely it will hit your target. but if you use it carelessly it will hit nothing and it will only become a waste of power. and the next thing coming is when the boomerang returns. if you know how to handle it, what you says in your life will be okay. but if you didn't know hot to do it. it will hit you back and it will become an obstacles in your coming life..

so be wise in all you say and think and also
be careful on what you say to other
be careful on what you say to you
be careful on what you say to God^^

God bless you all..


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